Sozita Goudouna: The Greek art scene, like Greece itself, is unpredictable, fascinating and often unruly…

She founded the innovative GREECE IN USA platform, that promotes, Greek culture, both in America and in all the lengths and breadths of the planet. Greek culture finds its own “vehicle” of communication and the idea but also the responsibility for this to happen with the maximum possible professionalism, belongs to Sozita Goudouna.

photograph by Paula Court
In the studio of Steven Antonakos in New York

The establishment of Greece in USA…

Following is a photo gallery with the works of: Zoe Chounta, Thalia Chioti, Manoli Babousi and Chloe Akrithaki

How do Greek artists “dare”…



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Sozita Goudouna

Sozita Goudouna

Sozita Goudouna is a curator, adjunct professor at CUNY, and the author of Beckett’s Breath (EUP, 2018). She is head of operations at Raymond Pettibon Studio.